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Shree Akshara Bhavan


RIMS works as a perfect model for startups like our's and continuously roles out new features required for restaurants in its software, so you do not have to pay each time and request for additional features. Being cloud based, it offers a lot more flexibility. Also, their 24x7 support system is an added bonus.We have been using RIMS since the very beginning of our business and we are completely satisfied with their services.

Anu's Punjabi Dabha


Honestly, I am very happy with RIMS. The best thing is that they have a cockpit application based on Cloud which gives you live reporting like what the customer ordered or what they have been ordering and what is the bill. That helps us to tell our staff which dishes are fast moving and which are slow. Also you get the live sales reporting happening in our outlets. The RIMS is also very effective. It is very helpful in calculating the food costs, what is going on. The anti theft feature gives you a pop up if anything happens which is very helpful for the owner. Then you have the customer feedback form which is also quite helpful. We are happy with using RIMS and we are very much looking forward for using RIMS in every other outlets as well.

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